Pacific & Pacific Jr.

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S50 / S52
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    Key Features

    The Pacific Senior and Pacific Junior are exclusively designed for family members’ friendly products. First, It gives a field of view reaching 170 degrees. Secondly, the frame adopts ergonomic 3D frame design and made by eco-friendly TPE material with specific gravity of 0.88. The lighter material make the goggles floated at water and the children could easy to find it when lose it unintentionally in the water. Thirdly, It goes with Ultrafast buckle which is awarded multi-national patent. The buckle keep the head strap steady during swim. Meanwhile it is easy to adjust the tightness of the head strap both for adult and children. It allows swimmers to adjust it to precise tightness while wearing goggles. Both of models are designed by full of emotions and humanization. The features: 1. WIDE VIEW : The side of the traditional cup-shaped lens poses a disturbance to its visual -angle, but this model adopts a revolutionary design with a slice type of arch-shaped lens which conforms to the requirement of frontal view has normal non-prescription lens and side view is no distortion that it gives a wide-angle field of view reaching about 170 degrees. It passes EU(BS5883:1996) international safety certification 2. UltraFUSE & UltraFIT: The most of traditional eye seal is type of artifact which always pose water-leakage and detachment. Our model adopts environmental TPE material with specific gravity of 0.88. It is distributed using dual injection technique thus allowing soft material to mold onto the lens. It conforms to ergonomic 3D eye seal design. 3. UltraFAST Buckle: The gadget is called UltraFAST Buckle was awarded in patent by many countries. UltraFAST Buckle is our exclusive research and development goes with 37 sets of fine-tuning intervals on its strap intended for swimmers are able to adjust the it to proper tightness while still in the water. 4. UltraAnti-FOG: To ensure the long-lasting anti-fog affects, using top-notched anti-fog lens is imported from Italy.

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